Not More Yarn was a name inspired by my 6 year old son looking at yarn I had bought and exclaiming, 'Not More Yarn!' This online site is by no means an alternative income (would be great if it was) but an avenue to support the members of the Brisbane South Knitting Group. It is a site where the members and anyone else can buy yarn cheaply and where the profits go back into maintaining the activities of the Brisbane South Knitting Meetup Group. Many knitters knit and crochet for charities and unless we can start claiming our yarn and time as tax deduction, knitting for charities is a labour of love that costs us.

Check out the Brisbane South Meetup https://www.meetup.com/The-Brisbane-South-Knitting-Meetup-Group/

ICE Yarns is one of the best hand knitting yarn brands in the world including more than 300 types of wool. Our wool yarns are produced for GSC Tekstil, the leading fancy yarn manufacturers in Turkey, the yarn paradise of the world. 

ICE yarns are human and environment friendly and comply with international human health standards. ICE yarns is one of the top quality wool yarns served to the whole world. 

The premium line of GSC Tekstil is presented by KUKA yarns, and you will also be able to see KUKA yarns here on this website.